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The Gold Ranger's eager optimism and techie tricks have made him an invaluable member of the squad and a friend to all.Scarlet Samurai Ranger Story Summary: Lauren Shiba is the older sister of Jayden Shiba in Power Rangers Super Samurai. (Kimberley Crossman had play in the last 5 Episodes) Red Megaforce Ranger Story Summary: Troy Burrows is a born leader, though he may not know it yet.He loves video games and hanging out with his friends.


As the new kid in town, he's kind of a loner at the start, but makes fast friends when he joins up with the Megaforce.Pink Samurai Ranger Story Summary: Mia is a confident, sensitive big sister to the Power Rangers.She is so eager to give that sometimes her own needs get overlooked.She considers herself to be a great cook, but you'd have a hard time finding another Ranger who agreed.


One thing they can agreeon is that Mia is a crucial part of their monster-fighting family.Antonio made his own morpher and is ready to annihilate some Nighlocks!


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